I was in a rut that was becoming a deep hole and digging myself up out of the hole seemed near impossible. I was overworked, overstressed, exhausted,  unhealthy, unfit, unhappy.  I needed help. Fast forward 6 months later. Six months of friendship, tough love and increasingly challenging workouts; of accountability and making changes in my habits. Six months of learning to love foods that fuel my body. Six months of changing my eating habits for life, losing almost 25 pounds, gaining muscles I didn’t think I could have.  Because of my time with Jess, I have tools for life, 6-pack abs and a cute butt. -Karen

I gained about 30 pounds in the course of 4 years. I was depressed and overweight with a lack of time and a defeatist attitude. Jess is the right balance of tough love and unquestioned support. Over the course of several months, with her workouts and the meal plans, I lost 30 pounds! Not only am I thinner but I am also stronger both physically and mentally. Jess is able to meet you where you are at and create workouts that challenge you. Our sessions were twice a week over Skype, which worked out surprisingly well. We laughed every session (critical to me), I cried (oh, how I cried) but we both stuck with it and I think our results speak for themselves! Now, I have more confidence and I have maintained a workout regimen.  -Kim

Last year was a seriously traumatic one for me. I had a major spinal fusion and am a Type 1 diabetic - Jess and Bevin really took the time to learn about what they had in front of them and were able to push me out of my comfort zone but were there to lean on when I needed it. They tell you how it is. Three months in and I'm really starting to see who I am, both physically and mentally. Every day I notice something new - it's like getting to know yourself again. - Amanda, 28

I was 30 pounds overweight thanks to work stress and a crappy breakup. I'd been working out for months and seeing zero change. I needed a mental overhaul and I got it. The dirty little secret is how good it FEELS to be in shape. There were tears, kicks, and a lot of sweat, but looking back it was the best thing I've ever done.  - Katie, 32